It’s no secret-image is everything, and in today’s fast-paced economy, a business logo can mean all the difference to the success of a business. Whether your a new business owner looking to make a powerful impact on your target market audience, or an existing business owner looking to re-brand for a fresh new company image, we realize these decisions are not made lightly, and it is our primary goal to ensure you are in love with your new logo or brand name!



We accomplish this by identifying your key objectives and ideal business image using a consultative approach. Depending on the type of media project and marketing (Video, Graphic Design, Audio), we negotiate rates based on potential project time allocation and desired turnaround time.  If your requirements can be met, we then agree on a competitive rate that makes sense based on the project requirements.  Hourly service rates differ based on the type of project due to varying time consumption and intensity,  thus are non-negotiable, however package rates can be negotiable. For our hourly rates or package pricing, see our pricing schedule on our packages page.  When we work with our clients to create and design a new brand name or logo, we identify some clear objectives and have a sense of some ideal imagery, we then research market trends within your target line of business and work with you to conceptualize, and develop a logo that aligns with your marketing strategy, and your vision.  No job is too small, and if your design concept supersedes our production ability, we will gladly refer you to another design house that can better handle your job, because at the end of the day, our mission is to ensure you not only love your new business logo and brand name, you actually see improved sales or client intake as a result!

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