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No matter what size business you’re running or looking to get off the ground, a strong web presence can mean the critical difference between a thriving business, and a business on the verge of closing their doors.  What constitutes a strong web presence you ask?   A strong web presence is technically defined in the number of hits your website is getting from not only direct traffic, but various referring sites, pages, or posts across social networks, etc.  Sounds simple enough to accomplish, right?  Unfortunately in today’s web driven economy, easier said than done.  With the over-saturation of web-based products and services, it can take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years to get a steady flow of traffic to your website depending on how diversified, and in most cases, well funded your online marketing campaign is.


Social media networking pages, blog posts, and video content are playing a critical role in the game of connecting the dots between your business and your prospective client than ever.  Having a healthy budget for paid advertising can get the ball rolling, but paid advertising alone isn’t always cost effective, and doesn’t necessarily always add up when it comes to ROI (Return On Investment).  It is important to know your margins and your market space being that, options wise, depending on the line of business and your profit margins, a strong SEM campaign can pay for itself with a few new clients a month,  but may not drive the kind of brand awareness that your business needs to thrive without the use of paid advertising.social-media-crucial-tourism-success

For example, two small online-retail businesses in the same market industry can have completely different end results depending on their marketing strategy. One might have invested a few thousand dollars in an “SEM” (Search Engine Marketing) campaign via Google Ad-Words “pay-per-click” type advertising to drive new traffic to their new website, but-is having trouble justifying the sustained expense-seeing only a couple clients per month in return.

The other business has invested very minimally in paid advertising, spending only a couple hundred per month, but has invested a couple thousand on a broadcast quality business promo video, and actively posts their video and applicable content across their free business pages across various social media networks. Thus, relying on a more organic approach to raising awareness and creating brand-recognition, or “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization). In this business’ case, the expense of producing the video was one-time, and their video, and social media content continues to receive hits on sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook; ultimately driving their business website higher up in search engine rankings, and potential clientele back to their website at a much more sustainable cost level.

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