Businesswoman Juggling ResponsibilityFOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST

Although it can be a more cost-effective route to forgo an SEM campaign altogether, if you’re like most small business owners, the biggest challenge with relying solely on the SEO approach is it takes time. Not only on the front end to create engaging pages and content on profiles across all of the social networks, but on the back end (within the search engines), considering it can take months-even years-for your website to appear in an organic search query (i.e., ‘’ appearing in the top 5 links on the first page of a search engine after querying ‘Graphic Designers in Oakland, CA’).  And unfortunately, time is not our friend when starting a business.  As costs for running a small business in this economy rise, it can be detrimental for many small start-ups to wait for an unpredictable amount of time after opening for business to see a return on their investment, not to mention that the resources required to build steady organic traffic while running their business are just not available.

Therefore, it’s important to maintain a good balance between both SEO and SEM type campaigns, and diversify your reach using a multifarious marketing approach to ensure your product, service, or brand is widely recognized, and your business’ doors, stay open.



At the end of the day, as a small business owner it can be maddening to maintain the constant juggle of priorities to keep your business’ doors open.  Focus on doing what you do best, running your business, and let us take the work out of creating all of your business’ pages and profiles, and execute a strong SEO/SEM campaign for your business!  Our marketing services are affordable, and can be tailored meet your marketing objectives, big or small.  Call for a free consultation for Infinite-Produktions to manage your next marketing campaign today!

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